Partner Services

PM Sleep Lab partners with hospitals and medical groups to provide high quality sleep diagnostic services to your patients.  With our years of experience in laboratory set-up, management, operations, physician and technologist training, we can make the process of opening a sleep lab simple, quick and eliminate many of problems that are often associated with starting a new patient service.   

For physician offices interested in providing sleep lab services in office, there need not be additional space available, often times we can find space within your existing practice with which to place Murphy style beds so that services can be offered after regular clinic hours. PM Sleep Lab will provide all of the equipment, technologists, scoring, and other materials and manpower necessary to provide the service. We will provide training to a qualified physician from your medical staff is trained to provide medical direction and reading/interpretation services.  

For Hospitals interested in offering sleep lab services, PM Sleep Lab can provide turn key operations for a fraction of the cost of starting up and operating a sleep laboratory on your own. Our low fee per procedure charge enables you to bring another profit center to your institution quickly with no capital expenditure.

Regardless of the structure or joint venture you are looking for, PM Sleep Lab can improve, expand, or start up a sleep service with your organization with quality, professionalism, and speed that will exceed your needs.

In our most popular business model, the hospital or medical group provides the furnished and maintained space, as well as the marketing for the sleep lab and billing for the sleep study.  A qualified member of the medical staff provides and bills for the sleep study interpretation.

If you would like to discuss your needs or to request additional information about PM Sleep Lab and the service we can provide your institution, please click here.