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Over 60 million Americans suffer from one of more than 80 different sleep disorders. These sleeping disorders can have a profound effect on everything from driving a vehicle, to work and school performance, to relationships with family and coworkers.

Leaving a sleeping disorder undiagnosed and untreated not only affects your life, but those around you. Your own health is jeopardized by increasing the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and immune system damage. Others around you while driving or at work can be placed at risk by your fatigue, inability to concentrate, and rapid mood swings. Of course there is also the lack of sleep your sleeping partner may be experiencing due to chronic snoring.

PM Sleep Labs' staff of sleep disorder specialists will help you diagnose these problems, and will work with your physician to treat the condition, and improve your health. Give us one night, for a lifetime of better sleep.

PM Sleep Labs' team consists of board certified pulmonologists, Medical Directors, registered respiratory therapists, and technologists. You can sleep well, knowing that our staff of highly trained specialists is there for you.

Doctors, nurses and our past guests have seen the personal attention, understanding, and compassion we will provide you. We appreciate the trust that you place in us, in helping you sleep better. Please read through this site to obtain a better understanding of how PM Sleep Lab can help you obtain a lifetime of better sleep.

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